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    Meaningful Gifts for Employees, At Conferences, As Appreciation, And On, and On..

    corporate gifting A Gift To Africa

    Everyone loves to give gifts that are personal and have meaning.

    A Gift To Africa is filling the gap in the corporate gifting world by offering our line of handmade products to organizations and companies who are looking for products to gift to their employees, clients or as fundraisers.

    From something as simple as an ornament, to anything as extravagant as ethnic wall hangings, all personalized with the producer’s or artist’s story and your impact in gifting the product.

    All our products are handmade, unique and sustainable for companies to invest into for your employees and their clients.

    Choose from any of our products or Contact Us for any special needs that you may have. We are able to source most products from women business owners or groups in different countries of Africa.

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